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Quarantine Chan

Its just my alergies i swear.

because were all stuck at home.

"If were all going to die we might as well all come together to laugh" - QUOTE

live on the new server — by admin at 04/01/20 (Wed) 18:33:33

We have successfully moved over to the new server.

Things we have planed to take place shortly. Enabling the embed function for YouTube videos mostly for the music board that has been added.

There is a possibility that we will add the nuke flags. Yes the very same ones you see on N-IB. I mean it wouldn't be a NC Development image board without those… RIGHT!?

Within the next few days. — by admin at 03/29/20 (Sun) 02:40:10

The server that this site is currently on wi die within the next few days. We plan on riding out whatever time we do have left. Plans have been made for a server transfer. We thing we are ready to just repoint the name servers and have it be seamless. So if you come to the site and it's down just keep refreshing. The new server should kick in about a hour after we change the name servers. Thanks!

Going to be adding some more boards later on. — by admin at 03/21/20 (Sat) 21:15:00

If you want to see a particular board on here go into the meta board find board request thread and tell us what you want.

We will add it for you.

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